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Robert Burra owns this 1969 Nova SS. It has a 425-hp 383 small block with roller rockers, cam gear drive, ceramic coated headers and a stainless exhaust. The trans is a TH350 with a shift kit, 2800-rpm converter and a B&M ratchet shifter.

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Mike Calapai is a conductor on the Long Island Rail Road and this 1969 Nova gets him to work every day. The motor is a 260-hp 350 with 360-lb/ft of torque 350 from Jim Pace Pontiac in Illinois. It has 2.5" dual Flowmaster exhaust, a TH350 trans, disc brakes and cold A/C.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Engine Pic

Here is Joe Camuglia's 1969 Nova SS. Joe is the original owner, having bought the car when he got out of the Army in 1969. It still has the original factory paint and the original factory interior. Approximately 3-4 months after buying the car, he yanked the engine and replaced the intake, carb, heads, cam, installed headers, changed rear gears and went racing for fun. Since it's a four-speed car, he said he really wasn't that consistent, but usually took home a trophy in his class. The best time was a 12.51 at 110. The engine has been through a few configurations, the last one being done about two years ago. It still has the numbers matching block, stock crank and rods. The intake is an Edelbrock Performer RPM for the Quadrajet, with a built carb from Jones Carburetion. The heads are the ones he installed back in 1969, 2.02 fuelie "Corvette" ones. He added Comp Cams steel roller rockers to fit under the stock valve covers and a rumpy Isky cam. Hs is still using the same Hooker headers from 1969 that he had aluminized back then. The latest addition was a Flowmaster exhaust system.

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"Sneaky" Pete Chiasson is a Competitor in the E/Z Street class of the Ontario Street Car Association. His weapon of choice is this nasty 1969 Chevy Nova. It has a 468 BBC with nitrous. It has stock front end, ladder bar and coil-over rear suspension, 10-point roll cage, a TH400 with an API 9" bolt-together converter, 12-bolt rear with 33-spline Strange axles and Spool. It runs on 15x30x13.5 DOT Mickey Thompson ET Streets. The color is Viper Blue and the best ET to Date is 8.77 @ 158 mph. You can get more info at his web page.

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This 1969 Nova SS belongs to Dave Christmas. Dave says it is his baby but is far from a trailer queen. It is his daily driver in the summer. Dave plans to add a cowl induction hood, repainting it metallic blue and adding nitrous.

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Ferdinando Ciccone owns this Canadian 1969 Nova SS. It has a small block, TH350 and 4.10 gears.

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Jim Cox' 1969 396 Nova.

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This is Harvey Dorfman 1969 Nova SS. Harvey is the original owner purchasing it in Montreal, Canada August 1, 1969. His car was only driven in the summer and mostly just to drag strip. The best 1/4 mile time was 12.10 seconds with the original 396/375 engine. After driving 15,000 miles in 1975 to Mexico for 3 months and returning with a blown engine he stored the car for 28 years with a total of 23,000 miles on it. On February 2, 2001, his 50th birthday, Harvey installed a 502/600 HP engine, rebuilt the TH400 to race specs, added 3.73 gears, and MSD igniton, Caltracs, Vintage A/C and much more. Harvey says car currently has 38,000 miles and drives great. It is ready to drag race again and should turn in the low 11's.

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Ken Ellis says his 1969 Nova SS has a 350 a set of 400 heads, a TH350 trans and runs low 11'S.

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Love for Novas is world-wide. This 90% original, numbers matching, SS396 Nova belongs to Ingvar Engelbrecht of Sweden. The only non-original parts are hardened exhaust valves seats, a Crane Max Velocity cam, Magnum roller tip rockers, the air cleaner and the wheels. He still has the original wheels stored away. The interior is original and needs some work and there is only minor rust on the body.

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Fred owns this 1969 Nova SS but he lives in Holland. It has a new 454-HO Gen VI big block with an MSD 6AL ignition, headers, Flowmasters 770 Holley and produces 470-hp and 520-nm torque. The interior is all new and the Muncie M22 was rebuilt and a Hurst shifter added. The rea is a 12-bolt with 3.31 gears and traction bars. Other items include subframe connectors, Cragar SS wheels, Grant steering wheel and an Autometer tach. Currently it runs 12's with street tires. Future plans are for NOS or a Vortech supercharger, a small 4 point rollbar and 3.90 gears.

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This is Ron Gendre's 1969 Nova SS pro-street with a 350 V8 and 4-speed trans.

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Larry Gibson owns this "Just Ducky" 1969 Nova SS. It has a 454 with a Comp Cams solid lifter cam, roller rockers, Weiand Pro Street 177 blower, and a Holley 800 double pumper. The trans is an M21 4-speed with Hurst shifter. The rear is a 12-bolt posi with 3.73 gears. The rolling stock consists of 15" Weld Rodlite wheels and BFG Radial T/A's.

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This is Tom Housley's 1969 SS 396. He bought it with sole intent of racing it but changed his mind when he decoded the car and found it was in fact a real SS car. The dash was replaced, but the car came with a 396 and a 4-speed. It currently has a 427 with a TH350 and a ATI 4200 stall converter. The rear is the original 12-bolt with a mini spool and Richmond 4.56 gears. Tom says he plans on bracket racing the car but may end up selling it because he just doesn't have the heart to cut this car up.

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Here is Glenn Humphries Fathom Green 1969 Nova SS. It has a 350, 4-speed, buckets with console/gauge package.

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Jason owns this 1969 Nova powered by a 355 motor with 292 heads, Manley stainless 2.02/1.60 valves, Lunati .515" lift cam, Harland Sharp roller rockers, forged Speed Pro pistons, MSD Ignition, Edelbrock Performer RPM, topped off with a Holley 750. The trans is a TH350 rebuilt with shift kit and 3000 stall torque converter. His next project is the rear end wher he says he will install a rebuilt 8.5" 10-bolt 4.10 gears and a posi unit.

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Here is Terry Keith's 1969 Nova. It has a 408 big block with a NOS Cheater system and a 6-point cage.

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AC Kile's 1969 Nova is an original SS small block car but now is powered by a correct dated L-89 aluminum head 396. It has a 4-speed, console with gauges and factory tach. It has also has the factory front and rear sway bars. AC and his friend completed the frame-off restoration themselves in a back yard garage.

Larger Pic - Driver Side - Engine - Interior

This is Joe Maiorana's 1969 Nova SS 396. Has the original L78 396, M20 Muncie, 12 bolt posi (3.55 gears), Holley carb, intake manifold, tinted glass, etc. Engine now has Crane comp cam, Mallory Unilite and MSD ignition, Hedman ceramic headers and more.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine

This 1969 Nova SS is owned by Page McClelland. It has a 350 small block and automatic with 70,000 miles. It's all original except for the addition of headers.

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Brent Raymond is the owner of this 1969 Nova. Right now it's got a 250 six-banger that runs good and gets decent fuel mileage. Future plans may call for a Cadillac 500 or Buick 455. You can see more pics at his web page.

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Roger and Bradley are the father and son team that own this 1969 Nova. It has a 327 and a 3.55 geared 12-bolt. The color is Azure Turquise.

Another View

This is David Shipman's 1969 Nova. Currently it has an L6 and a Powerglide but soon it will be powered by a 327 and a TH400.

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Here is Bob Simmermon's 1969 Nova SS. Bob says it know has a 496-ci BBC, runs low to mid 10's on 10" tire and is street driven. It's an original 396/4-speed car and Bob still has all the original parts.

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This 1969 Nova SS with the 375-hp 396 is owned by Carl Visutskie of Kitchener Ontario Canada. He has owned it for the past 20 yrs and has recently done a full restoration on it. It is a numbers matching car and is all restored to factory specs.

Larger Pic - Side View

This is Wayne Weaver's 1969 Nova SS 396. Originally an L78, the car now has a small block 350. The original M22 4-speed and 12-bolt Posi rear end are intact.

Larger Pic - Interior Pic - Pic When New

This is David Welsh's 1969 Nova (he also owns a red '71). It was restored by his father back in 1991 and was passed down to David as a present last summer. It was originally a 230-L6 with a Powerglide but now has a 355 V8 and a TH350 trans.

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Tyson Wendler's 1969 Nova has a 350 with Heddman headers, a 650 Holley, a TH350 trans, B&M floor shifter, performance valves and springs, an Edelbrock Performer cam and high rise intake manifold.

Larger Pic - Rear View

This is Willy's 1969 Nova. It has a 383 stroker, solid lifter camshaft, full floating TRW forged blower pistons, MSD 6AL Ignition with a Boost timing computer & distributor, reworked Edlebrock RPM aluminum heads, a Weiand 142 c.i. Supercharger, and an NOS 125-hp shot is bolted in place under the the 750 Holley. It also has a homemade cowl hood pan. The exhaust consists of Supercomp headers and a set of Flowmasters & the 3 inch pipes. The trans is a TH350 witha s 10-inch 3800-rpm stall converter and the rear is a 10 bolt with a locker and 3.70 gears. He says, "...very low 11's are not uncommon, and high to mid 10's are only a shot away. And for anyone that says strokers are not reliable, this motor and setup is going on its 6th consecutive year in the car without any problems except for maybe a quart of oil every 1000 miles."

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