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This is Danny Bahno's 1971 Nova SS. It has a 1970 396, M21 trans and a 10 bolt posi. The car had a complete, frame off restoration back in 1990. The color is Classic Copper with a black vinyl roof and a black vinyl bench interior.

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This 1971 4-door Nova is owned by Justin Baker. It is equipped with a 307 V8 and Powerglide combination. No A/C, no power steering, no power brakes, AM-only radio (not working), and no carpet. It doesn't even have a clock or cigarette lighter. When he bought it in December 2000 it had 13,200 miles on the odometer. It was bought new from an Oldsmobile dealer (Justin has the original paperwork), driven very little until 1982 (the year on the registration sticker that was on it when he bought it), then stored until it was traded-in in 2000. Justin bought it and has driven it daily since then.

Check out his webpage for more information.

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This is Andy Crehore's 71K mile 1971 Nova. Andy is the 2nd owner and it formerly had a 250-6 with a Powerglide. It now has a 1971 Chevelle 402 bored .060 over with Edelbrock RPM cam, intakeand carb. The exhaust is stock iron manifolds with 2-1/2" duals running Flowmaster mufflers. The trans is a rebuilt TH350 with shift kit and a stock converter. The rear is original with 3.08 gears and now has an Auburn mini spool. Inside is all deluxe reproduction with a B&M Megashifter. The wheels are Torque Thrust II's 17x8" with 4.75" backspace on the rear and 17x7" with 3.95" backspace on the front. Tires are 255/45s rear and 215/50s front. The rear tires fit perfectly in the non-modified wheel wells. Andy said the car was originally a blue/blue with zero trim options (not even the vinyl roof) it now has every exterior trim option you could get on a (non-SS) 1971 Nova except for sport mirrors. This year the front suspension was completely rebuilt and does have big block springs. All the sheetmetal on the car is original and was stripped to the bare metal and painted in pieces in 1993. Color is Glasurit Performance Red single stage Urethane. The car is garage kept and driven a few times a month in nice weather. Awards include 2 class wins at Super Chevy Richmond in 1998 and 2001.

Larger Pic - Driver Side - Rear 3/4 View - Engine Pic

Purple Haze is the name of Ross and Linda Dobson's big block Nova. It currently has a 375-hp 396 which has been fit with Venolia pistons, hydraulic roller cam and is topped off with a Holley 4-bbl carb. The ignition system is an MSD 6AL with MSD distributor and a Crane Coil. The trans is an M22 with a 2.20 first gear connected to a Zoom scattershield and flywheel with a Centerforce applying the clamping force. This is all followed up by a 12 bolt posi with 3.42's. Color code is unknown because he said they bought it with that paint. The interior has been upgraded with bucket seats from a 1972 Ventura.

Larger Pic - Front View - Engine PIc

Evan Durocher says he bought this 1971 Nova from a neighbor in 2002 and recently had it repainted. It has a 350 engine with a TH350 trans pushing the car through 2.56 gears in the stock rear.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

Here are a couple pics of Tom Hough's 1971 Nova SS. It has a 350 bored .030 over, an Edelbrock 650 cfm 4-bbl carb on an Edelbrock intake, headers leading to twin Flowmasters and a Muncie 4-speed tranny. He says it gets him to where he needs to be in a short amount of time.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic

Chris King's 1971 Novas was originally light blue with a bench seat, 250 six cylinder and a power glide transmission. It was wrecked in 1975 and sat for 5 years until he got it in 1980. He pulled it out of a the storage yard in April of 1980, charged the battery and started it up. It only had 29,000 miles at the time. The first picture is of the completed car back in 1981. After that picture was taken he changed the wheels to a factory set of 14x7 rallys with flat center caps. Recently he replaced the six and Powerglide with a 350 and a TH350 transmission. He purchased a Nova SS car that was destroyed and salvage the bucket seats, console with gauge pack, floor shift and a factory tach along with the SS emblems for this Nova. This car was his first car and his daily transportation from 1981 to 1992, through high school, college and his first few years after college. It has about 160,000 miles now. The car has been stored in his garage since 1992 waiting a full restoration. Chris is currently building a 454 for it. He has rebuilt the suspension, brakes and transmission and plans on using the Th350 with the 454. The car still has the 3.08 rear in it from the six cylinder and Powerglide combination and he is considering installing 3.55 or 3.70 gears.

Larger Pic - Before Pic

This is Jerry Kneer's 71 SS Nova. It has a 350 with factory air, a race preped TH350 and 3.73 posi gears. Jerry said the paint is a custom tri-coat burgandy wine. He has completely restored it inside and out and has owned it since 1991.

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This is Chris Livingood's 1971 Nova. It has a 350 with a Lunati .507" cam, a TH350 trans, 3" exhaust with 2-chamber Flowmasters and an Auburn posi with 4.11 Richmond gears in the 8.2" 10-bolt rear. The wheels are 15x5 (front) and 15x7 (rear) Weld Draglites w/BFG Drag Radials. Chris says a 454 big block is in the works.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic - Rear View

This is D.J. Luna's 1971 Nova. It has a 350 with an auto trans, a custom interior and Cragar S/S mags. The paint is Victory Red with a black vinyl top.

Larger Pic - Rear View

This 1971 Pro-Street Nova belongs to Gary Mason. The color is Sea Foam green and it has a .030" over 396 big block with a high-rise intake and a Holley double-pumper, an HEI ignition, Headman headers, a "noisy" gear drive, a TH400 trans, 3.73 gears and Cragars. Take a look at his webpage: The Heartbeat Chevy Club.

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This is Dan McClintock's 1971 Nova found in 2004 for $1000. Dan says it has a 307 V8 with TH400 and was a daily driver. Dan installed headers, an intake and carb, new interior, and paint. The project is nearly completed and for less than $5000. Upgraded brakes and new wheels are next on his list.

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This 1971 Nova belongs to J.D. Nesbitt. The engine is a 355 with an Edelbrock intake and an MSD ignition system. The trans is a 4-speed Muncie. Inside are low-back buckets from a Chevelle. JD says future plans are a canary yellow with black stripes paint job, disc brakes up front, new Cragars, and a few other mods. Check out his webpage for more information.
UPDATE 11/01/01: This car was stolen in October of 2001 in the Lebanon, IN area. Please email J.D. if you have seen it or know anything about the theft.

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Where Mark NeSmith finds these cars is beyond me. He has found quite a few beautiful Novas, many of which are in the other galleries. This one is a 1971 Nova with A/C, PS, PB, all original interior, 32,000 original miles, all the original paper work. He has since added all the SS stuff. Mark says he just loves the original survivor cars but has to sell this one soon to make room for the next one. Use the email address above if you are interested.

Larger Pic - Interior Pic - Dash Pic

Jim Ramey's 1971 Nova was originally purchased by his mom. It has a 350 engine and recently painted flames on the hood.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

This 1971 Nova SS belongs to Tim Rice. It has a 454 big block, a TH400 trans, 3.73 gears in the 10-bolt rear and front disc brakes. Tim and his friends did all the work (except the paint) in his garage.

Larger Pic - Another View

This is Rick's 1971 Nova. It's a 355 small block with 12:1cr, Brodix Track-1 heads, Holley 750 dbl pump, big tub headers, Powerglide w/5000-rpm converter and a K&R Delay box Best ET so far has been an 11.58 @ 116 mph.

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John R. owns this 1971 Nova. It was a 307 originally with a black bench seat interior. The engine is a rebuilt 454 big block making about 400 hp. It has 781 heads, a 750 Holley carb and a Weiand aluminum intake. It also has Hooker headers, an M21 Muncie 4-speed trans with 3.73 gears in a 12-bolt posi rear end, a 4-core radiator and it's been converted to the HEI ignition. It has no power steering or disc brakes but he is looking to upgrade soon. The interior has aftermarket bucket seats with a Hurst shifter.

Larger Pic - Front 3/4 View - Rear 3/4 View - Interior

John Ryea's 1971 Nova is Cranberry Red with a 350 engine, 4-bolt mains, 2.02 heads, Crane cam, TRW flat top pistons, Edelbrock Performer intake, 600 cfm Holley, BlackJack Jet-Coated headers, TH350 trans with a B&M shift improver kit, Summit 2500-rpm Streeter torque converter, traction bars, Hurst ProMatic 2 shifter, T/A Radials, Rally wheels, and a Kenwood/Sony sound system.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Engine Pic

This is Gene Stills' 1971 Nova. Gene bought it from a friend who bought it two years earlier with only 8,800 miles. It has 29,000 on it now. He is in the process of repainting it and upgrading the 6 with a built 355, a TH350 trans, frame connectors and detailing.

Larger Pic - Rear 3/4 View

Bryan Theilman's 1971 Nova is equipped with a 375hp 350cid small block with Sportsman 2 heads and a Performer RPM Air-Gap intake topped off with a 750 Holley. The trans is a turbo 350 with a 2600 rpm stall converter. The rear axle is a limited slip 10-bolt with 3.55 gears. The exhaust is handled with Flow-Tech headers into 2-1/2 pipe to Flowmaster mufflers. The car is his daily driver and he says he will never sell it, just improve it.

Larger Pic - Passenger Side - Rear View - Engine Pic

This is Orlando Torres' 1971 Nova. He got this car about 7 years ago (minus motor) and slowly got her into the shape you see now. The car was always garage kept and had no rust so he freshened up the body with an Orange/Tangerine paint and new vinyl top. Interior is all original. Orlando came across a 427 Tri-power (435 hp) big block out of a 1968 Corvette that got totaled back in 1970. The motor supposedly had only 19k miles on it. He took the motor all apart and checked everything out. It looked good but he wanted to hop it up a little. The iron rectangular ports heads were ported and polished and the crank and rods were cleaned up and speed balanced. He added a new set of Federal Mogul forged 11:1 pistons and an HEI ignition with MSD 6AL. Other parts include a Holley 850 dbl-pumper tricked out to 930-cfm, an Edlebrock Victor Jr. intake, a Pete Jackson timing gear, Hooker coated large tube headers linked up to a 4" two stage Flowmaster setup. The valvetrain is all Crane with a .663" lift solid roller cam, triple springs and a stud girdle. He calls the motor "Nasty Nancy". The Muncie M-22 is also from the 1968 Corvette. In the rear is an 8.5" 10 bolt with Moroso 32 spline axles and 4.56 gears. Orlando says the motor measured 715 hp on the engine dyno. An the track it ran a 10.43 @ 125 mph on 9" slicks. The track kicked him out until he gets a roll bar.

Larger Pic - Side View - Engine Pic

This is Dean Trapp's 1971 Nova. Currently upgrading to a 0.040" over 1968 396 with Corvette heads, 850 Holley, TH400 w/3,400 stall and Ford 9" rearend w/3.50 posi gears. Includes frame off, painted the original Mulsanne blue in basecoat/clearcoat, fiberglass hood, subframe connectors and a 3" exhaust with Flowmasters. Dean said nearly all the work was done by him. Nice job!

Larger Pic - Driver Side

Bill Volker is the owner of this 1971 Nova SS. It has a .030 over 396, 4-speed and a 4.56 posi rear. It is his daily driver and he he says it's a lot of fun to drive.

Larger Pic - Front 3/4 View - Rear 3/4 View - Side View

Brian Walls owns this blown 1971 Nova SS. It has a 355ci small block with a 144ci B&M supercharger backed by a TH350 with full manual valve body. The interior is pretty much gone with just a roll cage and 2 bucket seats. The 12-bolt rear has 4.88 gears and attached to it is a set of 31x18.5 Mickey Thompsons. With slicks and the aid of nitrous this car runs low 10's.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Engine Pic

Trevor Warrens father bought this 1971 Nova in January of 1999 and they have since put a fresh 350 bored .030" over, a Holley 670-cfm Street Avenger carb atop an Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap manifold. The heads have 2.02"/1.60" valves being operated by a Crower cam and 1.6 ratio aluminum roller rockers. Exhausts escapes through Hedman shorty headers and 2-1/2" pipes with Flowmaster 40-series mufflers. They have also rebuilt the TH350 tranny with a shift kit and added an 8.5" 10-bold with 3.90 gears and a posi unit. Thay have also reconstructed much of the interior, putting a notch in the bench seat to accomodate the B&M floor shifter, and have added a 2.5" cowl hood.

UPDATE 02/01/05: Trevor just completed the installation of an Art Morrison rear ladder bar suspension with fully adjustable coil-over spring and shock package.

Larger Pic

This is David Welsh's 1971 Nova (he also owns a green '69). It has a 350 V8 (from a 1970 Caprice) with an Edelbrock intake, a Holley 4bbl carb and a Saginaw 4-speed.

Larger Pic - Rear View - Interior Pic 1 - Interior Pic 2 - Engine Pic

This is Bob Yeager's 1971 Nova. It has a 1969 396 big block with nitrous, 3.73 gears and a B&M shifter.

Larger Pic - Engine Pic

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