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VIN Codes
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The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) lists the manufacturer's identity, vehicle type, model year, assembly plant, and production number. On 1962 thru 1967 Novas, the VIN is on a plate attached to the drivers side front door hinge pillar. Chevrolet moved the VIN plate in 1968 and later Novas to the top driver-side of the instrument panel, visible through the windshield.

In the following pages, each tag is broken down by position, working left to right. An example VIN is given for reference at the top of each section.

WARNING: Nova cowl tags have been known to be incorrect when determining original engine. Many tags were stamped for a V8 even though a 4 or 6 cylinder was installed. The VIN will ALWAYS override the cowl tag when there is a discrepancy between the two.

The codes have been compiled from many sources to make these pages as correct as possible. There is no guarantee that the codes are complete or accurate, therefore, I cannot accept any liability or responsibility for damages incurred from the use of this information. It is my intention to help you as much as possible in deciphering your Novas VIN.

Good Luck and Happy Motoring!

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