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My Opinion of Chrysler - Volume 6, Issue 1 - April, 2006

I'm still on a break from updating this webpage but I had to post the following letter I sent to the Chrysler Corporation:

I would be considered a loyal Chrysler customer because I've owned 2 minivans, a 1999 Plymouth Voyager and currently a 2002 Chrysler Voyager. Both were purchased from Gary Barbera in Philadelphia, PA.

I am a "car guy" and take very good car of my cars. I do most of the maintenance on all my cars and have never had any major problems with my daily drivers......until now.

The 2002 Voyager is only 4 years old with only 36K miles yet the transmission is being replaced today at Barbera's. The transmission is one thing I leave to the dealership to service and it was done by Barbera's 2 years ago when there was approx 20K miles on it. 3 months ago the trans started showing signs of problems when it began have problems shifting. I took it to Barbera's but they found nothing. 2 days ago it totally lost 2nd and 3rd gear while my wife had my 2 year old son in the car, going to pick up my 8 and 6 year old daughters from school. My wife was stranded until I could get there and nurse it to Barbera's using only 1st gear.

When I purchased my Voyager, the warranty was only 3/36 not the 7/70 it is now so you see Iím out over $2,600 for a new transmission.

The service manager at Barbera's said he could do nothing for me and claims it's rare for these transmissions to fail. I know for a fact that is a total lie. A simple search on finds thousands of hits on the failure of Chrysler transmissions. I am not happy about this. I can tell you I will NEVER buy a Chrysler product again and I will make sure everyone I know doesn't either. That may seem like an idle threat but I am always asked for my opinion when family and friends are considering purchasing a vehicle. I also run the webpage.

Fortunately, the new transmission is guaranteed for 3 years and 36K miles......and that is about how long I will keep it. Within that time it will be replaced with another minivan from somebody other than Chrysler.

This is a shame because I was considering a Charger R/T or the new Challenger but not now.

Goodbye Chrysler, for good.

Again, I'm still taking a break from updating for a little while. However, feel free to send your pictures for the galleries. I am storing them and will get them into the Galleries eventually. Also, I will still answer and Nova questions you email to me.

Happy Motoring!

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